Unwind the Mind

heart angel

What does it take to unwind the mind?

For some it may be peace and quiet

For others, a fine wine

But all that is but surface

Is what I am finding

As the world as we know it

Is now unwinding

Everything that was

Systems in this race

Are being uprooted

In discovery,

Shown not a safe place

Releasing all beliefs

To be open to better quality

Is not an easy task

When you live in duality

My unwinding is a daily ritual

Quite lonely at times

As I do not enter the fray

Remaining quite individual

Cocooned in my bubble of time

Vulnerability, does that ring a bell

Better festooned in my bubble

Than living in an unwinding hell


©1/7/2018  Pamela Hope



~ by Pamela Hope on January 16, 2018.

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