What is image?
Can we really know?
Is it only own vision set to perception?
Or, a created reality just for show?
Who are we, really?
Have you given it serious thought?
Do you feel any yearning in your gut to know,
Or perhaps within your heart?

What others see, is it our projection out
Or their projection in?
How much suffering has lain before us at this hand of perception?

What are we?
Are we this image or the image maker?
Can we shift their view with slide of hand and mirrors
To be understood as an awakener?
A risk taker, with no risk at all
Since perception is the tide and tale of any fall.

Image… create this body that glides through life…
Or slithers around life’s periphery .
Keep it sane, yet filled with wonder.
I wonder who others see me to be?
Such a dichotomy, for sure…as I have yet to come to terms with me
Or any image of what I chose to be…
Besides being perceptionally contrived by society.

©9/27/2016 Pamela Hope


~ by Pamela Hope on September 29, 2016.

One Response to “IMAGE”

  1. Perception… wink or blink and it will change.

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