A hollow reed
Sound shrills through tall willows
Egrets lazy dance within the rice marsh
Heat slows all but need
Cow dung rising in pillows

Rains pour lace of life
To earth’s soil it pulses
Monsoon heralds triumph over desert heat
Farmer’s gift from the Gods, unto temple they tythe
In gratitude for watery dulces

Monsoon rains rejoice
Gaia smiles as she drinks
Her thirst can barely be contained
Yet hard, red soil creates the worst
Disasters shadow the poor to their brink

Flashing floods, avalanche pouring red
Inhabitants tied and tethered
As millions march to safety
Hungry earth swallowing the dead
Weary, only living mattered

So joy and sorry join this land
You cannot escape one or the other
Annual monsoon in control of life or death
As above, so below, weighed by God’s hands
Projection of man’s cruelty o’re our earthly mother

©8/21/2015 Pamela Hope



~ by Pamela Hope on August 26, 2015.

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