”REALITY” Channeled to me March 29, 2015


Channeling 3/29/2015 ”REALITY”

This was one night where I had gotten to bed at a reasonable hour, around 12:30 am. I’ve felt so tired lately. Then, sometime in the morning, I have no idea when, I was woken up by a voice in my head talking to me about reality, what it was and was not. It was a powerful voice and I felt it wanted me to write this down so I could refer to it..and not just go back to sleep without knowing what was being planted within my subconscious.

”Reality is a collection of energy focused on the 3rd dimensional plane.
It is neither real nor focused as it is gelatinous and changes within the frequencies of the matrix within which it exists.
All souls create fractals of energetic presence pinpointed like a laser into a specific pattern you call time. These pinpointed frequencies gel in specific wave lengths producing matter within the density of said plane.
This non-reality is constant by oscillating within the vibrational matrix of the collective mind (brain of humanity).
The only reality of it is experience, for it is the realm of soul where actions are performed and played back to All That Is, your Source Energy/God.
God does not exist in reality. Reality does not exist in reality. Nothing is real, nothing but the experience of All That Is.
All facets of being human are congealed, pinpointed to specific dot matrices you call time. Like DOS programming, all is a code and each geometric code is programmed for a certain shape or outcome, like a kaleidoscope, always changing and morphing with certain mathematical speeds and velocities.

This creates a pattern within a pattern and you call it life.

We influence you through a geometrical energy force to keep you from splattering out into space. We contain your forms. In this way they maintain the appearance of solidity.
Think of the pixels on a computer screen, how you can appear as blocks and a mass of color in these blocks, but not solid. This is similar to the patterning of the geometry that creates life forms.

Reality is not real, but your creations.”

I asked, ”Who are you?”
Answer, ”We are God’s Minions. We are the Angels of Form and Space/Time. We are the Sephiroth you have been writing about, but on levels that are neither good nor bad, just alternating frequencies like notes in a song. We can create any given outcome according to your desires combined with the programming within this matrix of Space/Time.”

{NOTE: I was curious as to why the word minions was used, since I had a dark and negative thought form surrounding that word….so I researched it.
Minion = 1. A servile dependent; 2. One highly favored; and 3. A subordinate official.
(Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1983)
So if I’m one of God’s minions, that means I’d be: 1. A servant of God; 2. Highly favored by Him, and 3. An official of His government, subordinate to Him.
That definition made total sense to me and I see it now in a totally different Light. Another example of how we are influenced via that which our brain chooses through what it’s been taught. 

I also looked up the word, Sephiroth.  I am very familiar with it in it’s connection to the Tree of Life, but this definition was just too perfect to be anything but Truth.  ‘The Sephiroth are described in the Kabbalah as the manifestations of God that allow Him to manifest in the physical and metaphysical universes.’                     WOW, is all I can say.}

Since there is no positive/negative energy, it is all just force, concentrated force molded into geometric forms according to mathematical codes, with this matrix of programming by the Higher forces you call All That Is. You are also these Higher forces.
In a collective there is no such thing as evolution, like reality, that is a subjective equation that is created to make sense to this matrix or communal brain.”

I then asked, ”So, how does Spirit fit into all this?”
Answer: ”Spirit is Space as you might picture it. Within this Space are the building blocks of codes and systematic occurrences that morph and gel together in the patterns or wave lengths. You see them as solid beings since you are programming this world of experience. ”

I asked, ”Why?”

Reply: ”Why not? Do you not like being Human?”

I think this {I’m rather attached to it now, being human that is.}

”That attachment is what keeps you coming back for more of the same. You just change the look of the experience to fit your desire.

You ARE the Higher One. You ARE All That Is, playing in the matrix of Time/Space as reality.

Egocentric Centers of Beingness-Isness-Solidity, as formless gases congeal, code and name themselves per the codex of said reality.
No form is without it’s codes. ”

I had no more paper handy and it was dark…no lights on, no eyeglasses and I was very tired. I have no idea what time in the morning it was, but I just wanted to get back to bed and get sleep. So, this communication ended through my choice. I hope to continue this at a later time. I rather enjoyed it since it was very different from other channelings I’ve received over the years, much more technical. I had no idea what was written until putting it all into the computer as I am doing now. 

To be continued…….


~ by Pamela Hope on March 31, 2015.

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