This Dark Night of the Soul


It’s a trip of a lifetime, so I’m told.
No stranger to me, this Dark Night of the Soul.

I’ve had one, lasted 12 years long.
Emerged into new life, more like a symphony than a song.

What you feel inside is the catalyst for the fall,
Feeling like a speck of sand within a concrete wall.

Dealing with nothingness and Soul taking the lead,
Driving ego into the ground, bringing new source to feed.

It’s like being in a tunnel, no vision left nor purpose either.
Ones will non-existent, still not able to shake the fever.

No one can offer wisdom for that’s the primal quest.
Until you call your Soul back, you remain in this test.

Sounds easier than done, drowning in ones self pity.
No one is to blame, yet you’re drowning, life feels shitty.

We are all guided to safe haven, if we listen to the within.
Angels all around us, shaking us to hear amongst the din.

They keep trying to open our hearts, forcing forgiveness,
Luring us with spiritual candy, sadly creature of nothingness.

Seek and ye shall find. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
While drowning, grasping for breath, all that’s left is fear.

This Dark Night of the Soul is a gift I am told.
While in it, the pain so great, for a smile you’d sell your soul.

Many times you do….and the price keeps getting higher,
Till finally you face yourself and see life’s been a liar.

Nothing experienced can be held onto or is real.
It’s all created by beliefs, I’m not good enough is how I feel.

Open the door and allow LOVE in.
It opens all your channels, brings peace amongst the din.

I sit now before you, Light filling every pore.
My Soul seeking its compliment, I have no clue what’s in store.

Just know I can share my story, with anyone who’s drowning,
For this Love so potent, words so fierce, wisdom now expounding.

This story has no ending, it’s an eternal revelation.
This Dark Night opens to the Dawn…time for celebration!

©12/21/14 Pamela Hope


~ by Pamela Hope on December 22, 2014.

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