heavenly Light

“Weakened By Love”

Weakened by Love.
How can that be?
Energy is free
and given from the heart of me,
Divine and pure with no monopoly,
flowing, unstoppable, as the will of the sea.
It fills my heart and every cell,
dancing within the vapors,
essence of Godliness undulates within the swell.

Sitting in silence,
allowing the hum of guidance.
Sparkling chills purse through me,
the evidence of something so magnificent.
Palms upward in pure reverence
and receipt of Your will.
I ask once more.
Why am I weakened by Love?

What is inside me,
damning this corpuscular vessel of light?
Wretched urchin that I feel.
The spines of spirit sold to the highest bidder.
Pricking my insides,
I reel with painful protagonists of the past.

I offer humility to this framed existence.
In return I receive laughter.
Shirking responsibility is only part of the resistance.
Loosen your soul in free fall,
rather than humbling is a new call,
for thine has always felt so small,
insignificant to the all
and the syncopation of rapture.

So, why am I weakened by Love?
The essence of who I Am calls to me,
human cells morphing into a richer tapestry.
This body became a sponge of moral leprosy,
cavorting upon an earthly playground.
The new fiber of cells dance to a call.
The disease, remnants of ones fall.
In a moment of sadness one cannot hear the joy of living
or feel the kiss upon the wind as it pulses stern lips,
nor do the vibrant flags of flowers call me to this new state.
An epoch is just beginning.

Love is a word that has no meaning.
There is no understanding involved within its nature.
Moments of it can be fleeting, though it lasts forever.
We are its creation.
My brain can’t handle that,
so instead, I am blessed with feeling.
It’s a never ending process
of giving and receiving,
the balance being the antagonist of my fall.
The new fiber of cells dance to a call.

It’s a higher pedestal, an illusive tower.
Climbing upon crystalline steps to nowhere.
Feeling impossible
while treading the diamond facets of all possibility.
Quickening my pace as if in a race.
Catching the wobble as a planetary shift throws me for a loop.
Like an agile Avatar, never stopping,
nary a fall from grace as I recoup.
So, this is why I am weakened by Love?
Ah, the ancestral belief,
ancient feet trapped in mud,
using all heavenly power within man for relief.

It is I, I Am, who quickens the pace.
Holy water slips over me like a gown,
purification in just one taste.
There is no returning to the earthly playground
without feeling the kiss upon the wind,
or knowing the colors before me, I create.
Holding hands with Gods and Goddesses,
with Love, I now luxuriate.

© 11/8/2014 Pamela Hope


~ by Pamela Hope on November 9, 2014.

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