“Consumed By Lust”

beautiful couple

“Consumed By Lust”


My heart cries out for Love.

My gut cries out for passion.

Between the two is the dew of eternity.

Flashing before you,

A desire of pure ecstasy,

For a just a taste,

This Luxor fantasy,

As you gaze intently upon pale flesh.

My purity,

Loins opened wide,

Waiting for your kiss,

My woman’s journey into the abyss.


Night after night I writhe alone in my bed.

Fantasies of pure lust wreak havoc within my head.

Nothing can compare to physical splendor,

Nature’s gift of the Gods, maleficent tendor

With release so sublime.

Psychotic episodes explode,

No connection to time,

Nor willingness to be thine,

Only my surrender to lust.

No need of trust,

Not even a name,

Too much knowledge,

The shroud of pain.

Never lingering that long

To feel the throngs of Love

Nor hear my lover’s song.


It is a time of emptiness,

Of open caverns,

Crystalline fortress barbed with feminine wiles,

Valley of the dead,

Streams littered with petrified roses,

Memories of soft petals,

Now shrunken heads of remorse.

Thorns become the bridge to my well

Golden membrane so wet and sleek

Only personal Gods dare enter,

No less humility seek.

Upon ones shaft,

Cloaked my dreams of ever after,

Now, faded visions,  tumbled in dust.

So much for love,

Consume me, oh passionate lust.


©10/3/2014  Pamela Hope


~ by Pamela Hope on October 3, 2014.

2 Responses to ““Consumed By Lust””

  1. I think that no one ever is going to pay attention to the photo… Oh my lord!!!
    The graphics are in the prose. Well done!!!!

  2. You are very special and intense Pamela, my Sweet Spiritual Sister and I like to merge our Souls in Oneness, so please think about me so we trigger reality and we’ll see what happens, and time will tell who knows leading to our HIEROS GAMOS, Truly Connected, interwoven on all levels we can imagine and act.

    With deep Love and Respect from your Eternal friend for you, Sweet Lovely Transforming and Transcending Female Creature and Lovely Lady!

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