Look closely into your mirror….
Who is reflected back to you?
What is your reflection saying?
Does it have words to share?
Does it send you words of care?

How big is your nose?
Is your reflection smiling back at you?
Can you see your heart space as it glows?
Can you view your physical self with joy and embrace all you see?
Do you feel sadness and judge for all you think you should be,
Or become?
Can you just hug that self as you would a tree
And embrace all of what you have become and let yourself just BE?

Important, not perfection…
Important that you feel protection in this shell of a man
Or woman.
To thine own Self be true and allow the seeds of love to blossom within you.
Kiss your morning reflection….
Weary from each days search for perfection
Being all you can be has nothing to do with doing…but Being.
Allowing that reflection of your separate self to live its holographic existence without fear,
Kissing away pain with each tear.

Look longingly into your own eyes.
Stare intently and watch as the image flies by and changes.
Before your very eyes, you see past the material.
You see what lies within the ethereal.
Life changes perspective and in many ways becomes more real.

Send Love to your reflection.
Close your eyes and allow it to seep deep within.
Feel it flow through your body’s vibrational pathways,
Slowly integrating with all the byways deep into earth.
Join mind with the Mother.
Feed upon the grace offered you.
Let it flow through you and out to the reflections of all others,
All souls playing in your garden of life.

©8/27/2014 Pamela Hope


~ by Pamela Hope on August 27, 2014.

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