“The ONE Over-Soul”

Angel of Light


The ONE Over-Soul


The conversation of last night proves to me that we are all indeed One Over-Soul that is separated into fractals of Itself.


So, when we say, we are ONE…we really are ONE!  It’s a hard concept for the brain to grasp since it is like the word, Infinity.  You can kind of get it….or think you have the concept of what infinity might be, but not totally…since it is not a linear term and our brains are set up to think in linear time-space-place experiences that happen in a consecutive order.


So too it is with this term Over-Soul, excuse me, ONE Over-Soul.


We all tell each other, we are ONE!  Humanity is ONE…we are a global family.  But, are we really getting it?  Are we really getting this point on the deepest gut level that we are multiple images, holograms perhaps, of ONE Source Energy that is split in some miraculous way into spatial fractals of Itself?


I had to wake myself up when I realized this and write it all down because I am forever writing stuff that I think I get, but then when I really GET it…I mean at least think I get it…Wow, it’s like a trip!  I don’t need drugs…this is mind blowing enough!


So, what started this entire process of thought?  Well, tonight, my girlfriend called.  We have a deep connection.  She is brilliant, in my eyes…and since she studied in Cuba to be a nuclear physicist, she certainly has the smarts to be up there with the best minds, plus, she channels in the spiritual sense, since a young girl and can heal herself just with using the sun and thought…  Now, this is a lady who I can really relate to.

Not that I consider myself on her level at all, but in some way, I feel I am everyone.  I have felt that for quite a while.  I see myself above or below no one and yet only my own deflating egoism is what keeps me from the highest of the high,  my personal experience with illness as well, keeps me from all these parts of myself that I KNOW exist…and are no different than Einstein or Tesla…

”I get it…I really get it.”

I’m just not into Math…never have liked math.  So, this is why we are all divided up to be different Beings of the ONE Being…GOD….We are All One…choosing to be all these different parts: some artistic, some mathematic…some philosophic …some warriors…some pacifists…all these different fractals of ONE Source Energy!  ONE BEING…ONE OVER-SOUL choosing to be different parts of Itself!


HOLY….this is mind blowing.

OK, what else happened to bring me to this revelation?


My girlfriend also mentioned that she is feeling this same thing, feeling One with everyone she meets and no better or worse or any different from within than the beggar in the street or the Queen of England.  We all have the same attributes within us.  Some are expressed and some are not, but they are still all there none the less.

Then came the story and connection to King Arthur.  Well, King Arthur…yes, we marveled at the fact, or at least my friend marveled at all these coincidences.

Listening to her speak about this and how she connected a few of us together through a mythical legend,  like bits of a snowflake that have been split from each other…yet fly in the wind on their own…and can only imagine themselves at certain times as this holy geometric form…One form…but flying free of each other.  Only the coincidences we speak about and connect through our own thoughts reunite us as the One snowflake.

OK….You called me tonight to tell me about this newly found interest in King Arthur…the legend…and your profound feelings about the round table and the knights…and a connection you’re feeling all of a sudden to this….and why?  Then you tell me about your other close girlfriend who lives in God knows where island…who also spoke of King Arthur and her connection…and another woman, who came to you from another state of the USA who, under hypnosis,  spoke about King Arthur….

Now you call me, and I tell you the story, with a calm resolve, of my connection to King Arthur through a book called The Holy Kingdom, that was channeled to me on the phone, by a soccer player in England, who was persistent in his presentation of me being Helen…the mother of Constantine the Great, the Mother of Christianity within Europe.

I did not make this all up and I am not delusional.  You cannot make this crazy kind of a story up.  This happened to me back in the late 1990’s and in the early 2000’s I was able to travel to all the places in this book, The Holy Kingdom,  and in a way, re-experience the places I might have been living in or visiting as Helen…per the soccer player’s insistence.

The book was actually all about KING ARTHUR and the Arthurian legend.  According to the authors, the legend was made up of two separate Arthurs who were spliced together into one legend.

Again…two people spliced into one life…one legend…  This marvelous book took the legend of King Arthur and traced all the details back into family trees from both Arthurs..which dated back to Rome and beyond, Constantine the Great, and his mother Helen, as well as others known throughout history, but for the purpose of this writing I need not go into those details.

I am not writing this as a history lesson…I am using this connection, the “OH WOW”…..how can we, as a group, be connected within our thoughts and perhaps alternate lives to the same legend?

We are now connected through this legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table…..not to mention the possibility that the Knights of the Round Table might have very well been the Knights Templar…..another connection we discovered after a visit you had to Malta…and this inner most feeling of your wanting to live there.  You had no clue that this was where the Knights Templar had been exiled to.   Only after I told you that I traveled there and visited the sanctuary where the Knights Templar lived did we connect the dots.


So, this is my whole point in writing now.  This is what woke me up, to compile and grasp within my own brain what I am FEELING.  This thought of ONE Over-Soul is not a thought any longer to me.  It has become my own truth.  I’ve created a belief through my scientifically based rationalization,  no different than a mathematical equation but perhaps on a feeling or quantum level.

This next piece I have taken from Google to prove my point.

Unless you have lived in a cave your entire life, this formula must be very familiar to you. It was formulated in the Special Theory of Relativity by the German-born American physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

E=mc² has to be the most famous equation of all time. Authors David Bodanis, Pete Moore (and no doubt many more) have each written entire books concerning just this one equation..

You may have wondered what this mysterious equation is all about. It seems that knowing how to use this equation conveys intelligence.

Basically, the equation states that matter and energy are identical.

I am going to repeat that statement:

”Basically, the equation states that matter and energy are identical.”


If you could convert a small amount of matter completely, it would yield a tremendous amount of energy.


And the meaning of this equation?
The energy (e) of a mass to energy conversion equals the mass(m) that was converted multiplied by the speed of light (c) squared.
If we choose mass in kilograms and the speed of light in meters per second, then the answer will be in Joules.

It is fascinating and quite intimidating to learn that a matter to energy conversion of just one gram yields the equivalent of 21.5 kilotons of tnt – the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Yes, all that power is generated from one gram of matter transmuted into energy – the mass of one paper clip!

OK, I stated previously that I am not into math…yet, I understand the basis of what this is saying or at least think I do.  This equation is saying that we are all ONE MASS of ENERGY broken down into Fractals of Itself as pieces of Matter!  ”Basically, the equation states that matter and energy are identical.”

One Over-Soul ….We are ONE….divided into fractals of OurSelf, Source Energy, God!


When this is equal to that….then the theory must have a basis in reality…fact…truth….created belief…

Perhaps all of us who are united through this Legend of King Arthur are experiencing a sacred geometric pattern within our thoughts, our brain waves that is showing us we are but another snowflake floating in the cosmos as the fractal of the ONE…the ONE Over-Soul which we all are, Source Energy, GOD!

© 7/19/2014  Pamela Hope


~ by Pamela Hope on July 19, 2014.

4 Responses to ““The ONE Over-Soul””

  1. Excellent Pamela !!!
    I loved your article..such beautiful …deep thoughts…
    I don’t think we need to a big mathematician or scientist..to understand that we are all ONE…but surely We need to have that pure ANGELIC CONSCIOUSNESS ! God Bless !!!

    • My Laxmi…Sister of Universal proportions…Your thoughts and love always thrill me. Thank you for reading my words and embracing my thoughts! Hugs and Much Love!

  2. Dear Pam, Angel of Mercy as I call you,

    The signature of expanded-consciousness can be recognized by the use words as a pipe-aggregate to convey sensations, feelings and certainty. You just did that.
    I guess your readers are used to it by now… I am honored to listen to you, and see you more often than not.

    We choose to ignore the myriad of evidences manifesting in this world about the energy continuum that We are. We the trees, We the dirt, the fish , the eagle, the lava, and the perceived emptiness of the space…

    Only when One unleashes the ability to imagine and dear to trespass the outer boundaries of “the norm” and the “seen”, can accept the gift of acquiring the certainty of the perpetual flow of transformation of matter/energy… (that can not cease ever… redundancy acknowledged).

    Note that what I just said has nothing of the esoteric quality … it is a basic principle (all of this world) … enunciating that energy cannot ever be destroyed, can only be transformed. That is the best definition put together out of the human vocabulary of the term “Eternity”.

    Coming back to King Arthur, Merlin was teaching Wart (the boy to be the Arthur -king- ) how to become a fish, and then an Eagle/Hawk … and so on.. to incorporate into his physical-cognitive perception the notion of being ALL and One. It is no coincidence that the whole “adventure” is condensed into “The Once and Future King”.

    Imagine your Self feeling the certainty that fear and doubt can only be perceived out of the characters of a movie to convey a given plot/drama for entertainment purposes…

    Imagine your Self feeling the certainty that fear and doubt does not exist within your realm… what else would not exist then?

    Coming back to the energy/matter issue up to the point of Eternity… (above)… the probability that the qualified Energy that We are, transforms Itself into a non-qualified type of Energy when detached from the flesh seems to be negligible. That type of energy transformation does not correspond to a myriad of experiences that shows the existence of conscious-energy acting independent of the body…

    Although, a human leap is required (stretch of the human imagination),
    I like to establish/propose a heroic jump from the safe/sound/scientific definition of “eternity” (above) into the fresh statement :

    “The Cognitive Essence (loosely known as Conscious energy) that We Are – accompanied by the Body/Mind complex only for this while – is ETERNAL”.

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