“The Human Body, A Miracle Called Life” 

The body, a sheath of flesh, 
layers of cellular activity 
within the heart all programs mesh, 
biorhythms synchronized, 
DNA recognized as missing some strands. 

Some call this body our Maya, our illusion, you see. 
Others, of denser nature, believe it’s their reality. 
Where do you stand? 

As long as I Am, 
in this vehicle of matter, it’s home to me, myself and I, 
all within the confines of time, place, space, 
given to the projection outside myself of another realm, 
another space entwined within dimensional grace. 

I love this body, this innocent child, I Am. 
It’s creating such experience, emanating radiance, 
scientifically transforming as much as it can 
to bring Spirit through its pores 
and great emotions within its magnitude of chores, 
subconsciously rich in belief, 
some of which become the thief 
of infinite possibility. 

Total Wisdom, Total Power, Total Love, 
our God given trinity of creativity, 
our Soul, Spirit alchemy within the human blueprint. 
The human body, a miracle called Life. 
How honored should we be for this holographic present 
aided by a time lapse memory? 

©6/22/2014 Pamela Hope


~ by Pamela Hope on June 27, 2014.

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