Practice In Being A Friend

Chester, UK~ Grave Stones      in Wall


“Practice In Being A Friend”

This is the way it is.

Pain is rampant in the masses.

Striving is all.

Fear has a way of mediating circumstance.

Unsettled in all of life,

purgatory is the view.

A story of a man with so much talent pent up inside.

His looks have been his glory,

with age now he must decide,

which end is up?

No feelings of accomplishment,

no home to call his own,

He’s still searching for fulfillment and going it alone.

He anesthetized himself for years.

Heroin blanketing his fears.

Agitation is THE result,

a wearing of the tears.

How to release this talent?

How to open up his heart?

How to calm this hurt, unloved, lonely child?

He feels the desperation of people seeing the outside package,

depths of contents never being touched.

No one really knowing this true Self.

Never caring even that much,

to feel,

or sense,

or love,

without expecting a reward.

I sense much of myself within this troubled Being.

He feels so trapped and misunderstood.

He’s stifled.

Set me free!

Appreciate the side of me, I so long to express.

I really can be somebody!

See beyond me.

Feel me.

Be me!

I so long to be free and express the deepest side of me,

But will society accept?

Can I unleash the bonds of addiction,

as to realize my human worth?

Can I find my niche of happiness and accomplishment

on this cruel and thoughtless Earth?

God Bless this soul.

Fill him with Your Light.

Reward him with encouragement.

Give him Grace to soothe his plight.

Let him shine.

Set him free.

For, after all,

he could just as well be me!

©4/2013  Pamela Hope


~ by Pamela Hope on June 18, 2014.

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