Love and the Morphing of Language



“Love and the Morphing of Language”


How many times have you used the word, LOVE, without really thinking about what you mean in that exact moment? 

I Love that dress….

I Love my children.

I Love the Yankees.

I Love to go skiing.

I Love decorating.

I Love chocolate ice cream.

I Love poodles.

I Love racing bikes.

I Love the movies.

I Love listening to Chopin.

I just Love that !

You leave a party and shout out to the group….”I Love you all!”

OK…..then you meet someone special…and you say, “I Love You!”

Is your psyche gearing you up for failure?

Has this word, Love, been so misused over and over…that it has become fractured and no longer has deep meaning?

Are we afraid of being Loved, allowing genuine Love into our lives?

So many people feel out of control in their individual, daily lives anymore that to allow this vulnerability to take over one’s life and become the ruler, how scary is that?

Giving Love is easy, it’s being the one in control!  Most of us enjoy that feeling of being in total control somewhere in our lives.  So, yeah…I can love you…and I have total say over how much Love I give you, when, where, what kind and when I stop the giving….

AHHHHHHHHHH, OK….there it is.  The receiver is now totally f..ked, a vulnerable basket case,  with absolutely no say in how much Love, when, where, what type or when it will be stopped. 


So, closing our hearts and not allowing the vulnerability to rule the moment gives a false sense of control.  This control we so need to feel, right now, in our chaotic lives.

We, in turn, are the losers.

How are we using this precious word, Love?

In our day to day interactions with others, we are becoming complacent about showing what we really mean during our communications.

No wonder why Loving and this idea of Loving with no expectation of return, or unconditional Loving, no wonder this is so hard to accept and grasp onto since we have changed or morphed the word to mean nothing more than enjoyment, pleasure and liking. 

Now, all of a sudden, this entire Universe of Love is becoming a ground swell, like a huge tsunami of giving and many of us don’t know what the hell to do with it.

In our quiet moments we may be thinking, “Did Mom really Love Dad, or where they just stuck in the maze of living like everyone thought they were supposed to, using this Love word as they were supposed to,  without giving it another thought?”

Perhaps they too were going with the flow of their generation’s unconsciousness, disconnected from the reality of their words.

Words have so much power, so much energy.  One harsh word can stay within a person’s subconscious their entire life, and even beyond that! 

I think our entire way of using language will slowly morph.

I use the word Love for everything…..and I agree it is thrown around so casually that the word has lost its clout.  So now, when we want to FEEL this delicious and Divine sensation all around us and share it with the world, the word is so fractured…it allows room for the nahsayers to pull it apart.

I catch myself all the time using words out of reality context like…

“I would die to have that last piece of apple pie.”  “I’m so hungry, I could just die.” “I would just die if I don’t get that car.”  “The ring John is getting for me is so beautiful, if he doesn’t give it to me soon, I will just die.”

I used to say that all the time…”Die to have, Die to go there, Die to do that”…..and now when I slip,  I think to myself, “what the heck am I really saying here? What energy am I not only sending to my own subconsciousness, but to the entire Universe?  I would not die to have any material thing, how stupid of me!”… 

At this moment in time, I may actually stop in the middle of a sentence and correct myself when I can find a better way of expressing what I really mean. Have I just become this product of my upbringing and street credo or do I have a brain to use terms with meaning so I can be heard, acknowledged and finally become “real”?  

Are you going through a similar experience?

Currently the word, “time”, is becoming a bit innocuous along with its siblings past and future.

I am learning after all, that time does not exist and everything is occurring right now in this present moment. 

So why did I go to a facilitator for a “past life regression”?   LOL

HUMMMMM ……. That does not sound right.  No longer is this fitting into my updated database of a brain.  I’ve since adjusted this terminology and now refer to my “alternate life session”.  I think it’s cool.

I am consciously making an attempt to have my words also reflect the changes I’ve had within my own awareness.

So,getting back to the word, LOVE.  After writing this piece to myself, I am making an effort to be much more selective in how I use it and with whom. 

Namaste is even getting a bit over used…..perhaps I’ll just say,” Much Metta”, from now on.


©5/13/2014  Pamela Hope



~ by Pamela Hope on May 13, 2014.

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