More thoughts on,  “Are We God?”

There is indeed an infinite Source which is beyond our ability to fully understand since our brains are not wired for pre-thought or infinite thought.  On the other hand, everything that exists and everything that does not exist is all a creation of that same Source, thus part of it. 

If I create a painting, my energy, part of me, is within that work of art. Anyone who is on the same vibrational frequency and who enjoys art, would actually feel the essence of me through my painting.

We are just replicating, through our existence, that Divine essence of God, the Source of all creation and All That Is. Thus, we are Creators Incarnate. 

This does not mean we are the entire Source, but certainly we have the attributes that have been given to us and within those we are the Source..but now fractals of it.

Our Egotism is fueled within these conversations and blogs.  It’s the back door to the Egotism. 
Then I look at all the gifts we have received as humans and the Ego is one of them. That is the fractal…the part that is capable of having its own experience within this 3D Gross Material World.

So why is it given such a bad name?

It is a gift and it is what you do with it that brings a certain quality of life to the personality, which in turn goes back to All That Is or Source, God. 

I like to call It, Absolute, Infinite Beingness, God. 

I do not know all the answers and would not attempt to say I do, so I offer this idea…

Perhaps, part of this transmutation we are going through, is to transmute this Ego into a more rarified, crystalline Being, a physical Angel upon Earth!  In this capacity, we would be able to hold an indentity as a fractal and yet be able to experience a multidimensional existence.  This would bring a richer variant to what each Ego (fractal) could then bring back to All That Is.

Just a thought!  


©5/13/2014  Pamela Hope


~ by Pamela Hope on May 13, 2014.

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