Angels of Mercy

Angel Light

~ Ashana ~ Aham Prema ~

Message of May 6, 1996

To Pamela

From the Angels of Mercy

You must send this message to many, dear child.  Heaven has opened its doors to all of you.  This mystical place of untouchable splendor is now at your feet, waiting for you all to walk through the door and inhabit her.  Your Mother Earth is the Vortex for you all to expand your universal, unlimited consciousness and connect with All That Is, The Oneness, The Truth.  Ascension is not a process of going up, but rather one of opening to all splendor, a universal pathway to the Absolute.  This is your birthright as children of God.  Do not hesitate to share your experience with others.

They too have had the same, but in fear they hide their gifts from sight, fearing they are odd or would not be accepted in their worlds. Having the courage to step forward into the realm of the unknown and then recount your experience to others will comfort them and lead to the love of Self that is also needed by you, children of God.

You are now shackled by the chains of fear and guilt.  Untie yourselves.  Be free in the pure Love of the Elohim.  Nothing shall stop you or harm you for you have contained within your frail human bodies the powers of creation of the universes.  Just a thought can manifest any substance you wish to receive, if it comes from a pure, loving heart.

You ask who we are.  We are the Angels of Mercy who grant you the Grace of the Holy Mother.  You may call this the feminine aspect of God, if you will.  Have no judgment for we are here for all, be it beggar or thief, saint or sinner.  You are all One Being separated into fragments of multiplicity for the joy of the Great One.  You’re in the process, or cycle, of returning all this human experience back to the One for ingestion, speculation, evaluation and continuation so that a new cycle can begin.  This cycle is one of The Loving Heart.  Your brains will be of little consequence in this cycle, for the Heart will guide your way.  Much communication will be of perception and feelings rather than words.  This is true communication since your egotism cannot belie the Truth.

This will create an atmosphere of trust and nurturance through which your world, as you know it, will continue to thrive.  It will revert back to the lush forests of the Forever-Lands where man and beast shall reign together in peace and harmony.  You will be able to drink from the mouth of the beasts with no fear for they will know that you do not wish them harm.  Many of your naturists today have this compassion and love for the animal and plant kingdoms.  They are now the exception, but this shall change.  You will frolic in an idyllic world of beauty, Love, compassion and creativity like “Time” has never known.  We must depart, but to you all we wish our most sincere Love and continued Blessings of the Mercy of Our Lord and Mother Bless you and keep you all.



~ by Pamela Hope on April 19, 2014.

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