FREE ENERGY: The Rodin Coil: The Greatest Discovery of All Time?


FREE ENERGY: The Rodin Coil: The Greatest Discovery of All Time?


In what might be the greatest discovery of all time, Marko Rodin has figured out how to 3-dimensionally model the mathematical language of nature. As student of Marko Rodin Randy Powell says in his Ted Talk in 2010, “They say mathematics is the language of god, but until now nobody has been speaking god’s language”.

Some of the practical implications of this technology are said to be:

Inexhaustible free energy 
An end to all disease 
Produce unlimited food 
Travel anywhere in the universe 
Build the ultimate supercomputer 
Obsolete all existing technology


The goal of Marko Rodin and his volunteers at Vortex Based Mathematics is “to create a grassroots energy and technology revolution by turning this knowledge over to the public in an open-source project. Science museum exhibits for kids, a simple book, a simple DVD, that’s all we’re looking to do. We want to turn it into the hands of the people to produce and save the whole world”.

For more information re: Rodin Coils, Vortex Based Mathematics, Marko Rodin, jack Scholze or randy Powell visit:


~ by Pamela Hope on April 4, 2014.

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