We Are Experience




What you are is experience! 

Experience of yourself and you are the creator of that self. To love what you are…leads to the belief that you are choosing it. Reality is your choice at this moment. It is the energy of I AM. Know Thyself! God wanted to experience YOU in this moment..and thus, you are you! God is the choice To BE. You are choosing to be You! You are God choosing to be YOU! You cannot escape loving yourself. All choices God makes is with Love…All choices you make are with Love..

Remember, we all choose what we are to experience as God playing in the playground of life. 
Each time…our will is free to choose anything. We are the creator of our life. And, when we return, we return to ourselves…we are all God….Each life is a taste of creation…each life a new variant using your freedom and Love. 

We chose to experience ourselves as separations in duality….this is only a creation. This is the same as the separation between our inner world and outer world. We are not limited. All limits are of our own choosing. Our will is free and cannot be violated. We are making choices from the level of our spirits. Only the illusion of limitation is real. The law of gravity is not a limit…it is a choice. It is experiencing reality and experience as a body in this world within your own choice… 

When you look for proof of your reality,,,,,you will always find evidence..but there is no way that that proof cannot be challenged. The real proof speaks to your heart, not your brain. 

Proof is the creation of the brain…if you can let that go….you will receive more proof than you could imagine within the heart. “The pure Cystallization of a pure heart.” 

We are the Lock and the Key…the extensions …freedom and limitation…the light and the freedom. Living in reflections of unconsciousness, denial and fear, chosen with purpose for our remarkable journeys. We chose the limits of our lives and can now choose to live by the passions of our hearts. 

To be Free is a CHOICE!


~ by Pamela Hope on March 4, 2014.

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