No More School~Mastery Time



New Thoughts 3/2/2014


I received this in my email and read it through a few times…and felt this thought come up that I must share…


“There are no wrong roads taken to anywhere; there are no accidents. As we go along there are course corrections that we can make, and every experience that we have in our life is there to teach us something…” — Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


How the heck do I begin this? 


OK, first I want to honor Dr. Wayne Dyer for his absolutely magnificent contributions on this planet!  I want that to be clear.  I am not judging him or his programs. 

I am just opening to new thought…new feelings within my own psyche….my own gut…

Feelings I have a need to share with whoever wishes to honor me with a read.


OK…..Here Goes……..What if, we are not here on earth to be in “school”? 


What if, that is only another thought form given to us by the older generation of New Age philosophers to reconcile their own journeys and troubles they found along the way?  It served them well in their time within the consciousness of the planet throughout the Age of Pisces.  It became a Belief System that was taught to the masses awakening from their slumber. 


We are now in a New Age…Aquarius has dawned upon humanity.  More and more people are awake and connecting with pure consciousness.  More and more souls are gathering together to form support groups where the power is amassed.


What if, we are here to be MASTERS….not students…but MASTER CREATORS?


This certainly changes the game plan doesn’t it? 


It takes us out of poor discernment with excuses.

“Oh, well, what did you expect?  I’m only human?” 


It puts us into our Divine placement on this earth, making decisions using reason with discernment, and finally,  taking responsibility for everything that happens within our own lifestream. 

“Oh, well, what did you expect?  I’m only Divine?”


Different game plan, isn’t it?


So, perhaps we are no longer here to be learning…or in “school”.  We no longer need these thoughts or beliefs for our excuses as to why something did not go the way we would have liked. 


Now,  we can feel,  that we have this power of creating our reality and while there are no mistakes, we don’t have to give credit to certain occurrences as teachers…remember, we hold everything that ever was or ever will be within us! 


There is nothing we need to learn! 


Can’t we now remember who we are, Creators Incarnate? 


The detours, previously called mistakes, are taking us closer along the path our Soul wants us to be on…so there are no mistakes.  There is no learning…it is all perfection of the Divine Plan,  utilizing our Soul’s connection to it, for the Will Pleasure of Absolute, Infinite Beingness, God.


Our Path is ours alone.  You are now, have always been, and will always be on YOUR PATH.  Nothing and no one can take you off of it. 


We are creating the scenery along this path according to our Soul’s Wisdom within the Divine Blueprint of All That Is. 


We are Creators and Masters of our creations.  Have you ever thought of yourself as a MASTER?  Can you sense the new responsibility in allowing yourself to acknowledge this?


Personally, I am ready to throw out this OLD Belief that we are on earth as a school. 


It’s time for a new paradigm.


Humanity has graduated! 


Lets now assist our Brothers and Sisters to remember who they really are, Divine Human Beings, with the power within their hearts and through their desire/thoughts to create a Universe of Love, Peace and Joy! 


God Bless Us, Everyone !!!


~ by Pamela Hope on March 4, 2014.

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