Oh, what an adventure we are on!!!

believe nothing


It is lovely to have so much knowledge…My question is, how does that knowledge enhance the very life one is living? Can you use that knowledge to bring you Joy, Love and Happiness? 

I look back and see my words stating that Knowledge is wonderful, but using that knowledge in the way you live life, walking your talk, so to speak, becomes KNOWING. 

Now, I even realize that the very experiences we have are our own creations and we have them to support hidden beliefs we don’t even know are there, lurking in our subconsciousness, which is not connected to the human brain at all! 
In doing so, we appease the brain, which is connected to our egotism, so we can feel good, on a mental level, that we know….we have experienced this or that so we now KNOW….. 

So, I laugh at myself…and see why I am eagerly in a place of releasing belief and knowledge. Yes, I still share. I am sharing ME, as a personality. I am sharing all parts of me that are connected to the One..no reason to hide. no reason not to share. 

I enjoy sharing thoughts and feelings and Love…it is the compilation of the mental, physical and emotional….which so wants to be balanced in this 3rd dimensional reality. 

Oh, and yes, it is a reality as long as we are still part of it. The laws of this gross material world will make sure we realize that too. 

But now, we can venture out and express even more of who we are within the laws of other dimensions and yet still be congruent with this gross material one, this 3rd dimensional reality. 

Oh, what an adventure we are on!! 

I thank everyone for being exactly as you are. You widen my own perception and enliven my personal world. May you feel Love within your heart to overflowing!



~ by Pamela Hope on December 11, 2013.

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