Food For Thought


Einstein on rational mind and the gift

Beliefs are funny, I use the term, but to be honest, I feel it is time to release all belief. That is where judgment stems from, mostly. Most beliefs are not our own, but handed to us from larger groups we have given authority to or just adopted as real from our forefathers and cultures from antiquity.
Even if you develop a belief from your own experience, most likely, the experience itself will come about to support some belief that is already stuck in your subconscious. Unknown to your waking self…you will construct the experience, since it is your creation, to support the very belief that is hidden in your subconscious.

So, perhaps a better sentence than staying strong in belief is to allow your heart and gut to take precedence over the brain and what seems logical. Trust in your intuitive abilities beyond what is seen as obvious in front of your eyes.

Many times we hear or read these types of phrases from teachers and leaders in our spiritual communities, such as:

“Sometimes hurting is needed to make us grow,
Loss is needed to make us gain,
Failure is needed to make us know,
Because some lessons are best when
learned through pain and completed with COURAGE.”

But then, we must remember our own part in creating all that.

I do not think words like Loss. Failure. or even Lessons are more than things we subconsciously think we ‘deserve’, for some reason, and why should that be?

Think about it. I see the belief systems at work which tell us we must have loss to appreciate gain…or we must have starvation to appreciate being bountiful, but is it real?

Is that REAL?

Or, is it a belief we have been given to create this feeling of ONLY being human rather than allowing our Divinity and True Self to arise and take charge?

Why must we feel pain to appreciate pleasure? Who says so?

What teachings have we been handed down over the millenium to propose that we, as the embodiment of God, need to suffer to be pius or deserving?

Is it our own doing, in creating this duality in nature, to allow us a feeling of getting somewhere, to appease the mental egoism?

Example: becoming aware, enlightened, conscious?

Just putting out food for thought.


~ by Pamela Hope on December 5, 2013.

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