The Best Play of Your Life is Within You!


pray today that hearts are brought into a balance with MIND and the subconscious, that all things that have gone before are wiped clean. 

The beginning of a new day, a new way is at hand. Just grab hold of it and allow it to guide you. No need to guide it! 

See the nuances within your feeling nature attached to you heart, your gut and follow your own lead. no need to follow another, for you ARE the ONE, the Absolute, in your own human perfection. This means that imperfections in human nature are allowed and even embraced as we travel distant stars to be here right now to be exactly who and where we are! 

Please Honor yourself as you will more often honor others whom you feel more worthy. 

Feel deep within, your own worthiness. 

Allow yourself to receive….no need to be doing all the time. Step back from the personality and allow yourself to just receive the Grace from all the Ascended Masters who are there with you right now, just waiting for your call. They cannot and will not interfere, but need you to just ask for their help…and you will see miracles all around you. 

This will open you to the grandeur of Life in it’s natural state. 

The entire earth is shifting in consciousness, right here and right now. Believe in the goodness in this shift for whatever is seen on the material surface of 3D reality is a play and we are the writers of the script. 

How do you want the script to change? It is now intermission..and you can rewrite your script. See the best play of your life within you! 

You are Blessed beyond measure and all things are given unto you. Just allow yourself to FEEL…to KNOW…to Acknowledge your own power beyond this world of material manifestation. 

It is time to stop the judgment, not only of others, but of your entire present life, your experience here and now has all been up to you. Others are actors…who you have chosen to play their roles and they have obliged so lovingly to play their parts. Love them for their willingness to be part of your experience. Do not judge them for their ways. They too are fulfilling their purpose and perhaps it is not all of goodness, and may even seem dark, but there is Light in the darkness. 

Some people choose, at certain times, to go into the dark to bring their Souls up through it and become the Light. This is a great and powerful choice. Only the Souls who have prepared for this type of journey over the millenium, will do such a thing and it is of brilliance since it brings the dark to Light for the entire universe and beyond. 

Think now in Infinite terms…think now in terms of quality of life and how each person has a grand effect upon the quality of their own life and of those surrounding them and now you can see it filters to the beyond. 

I have no need for anyone to believe my words or thoughts or feelings. This flows like a stream from me with no plan to write or even say anything. This is for myself to understand my own journey which is no different from the journey of every human on this planet. 

I honor each one of us as we travel this new wilderness of Souls, now ready to grab hold of conscious awareness and become One Voice in the wilderness. 

Lets, Love each other…tolerate and embrace our differences. Allow the warriors to perform their work and the peaceful to philosophize in theirs. 

God Bless Us, Everyone! 

copyright 12/4/13 Pamela Hope


~ by Pamela Hope on December 4, 2013.

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