“Having Her Way”

Azure sky
Misting clouds
Tinges of charcoal
Among the wisps
Flocks overhead
Unquiet the feeling
Of rumbling earth
Lasers afar
Piercing the clouds
Storms harkening
Within minutes, flash flood
Seas form below
On an earth once firm
Transformational skies
Once Azure, now mud
Elements breakout to play
Wind, hear my song
Trees, bend to the tune of the gust
Sirens afar
Lightening’s having a blast
Floating grasshoppers
Swallowed by drains
Huge vortices of rain
And the storm smiles
As it shouts its farewell
And moves out to sea
Dripping sand
The wind now meditates
And silence becomes the ionic song
Smells of damp mosses
And far off rumbles
Drip no more
The dark shadow of clouds
And a bit of azure
Opens to the sun
Hidden in a tomb of
Messianic gloom
Released in golden threads
Over the meadowed sea
Parting the clouds with
Guilded rays
Mother Earth
Has had her way

8/24/2013 Copyright Pamela HopeImage


~ by Pamela Hope on September 21, 2013.

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