The Self

Striving to Be


Letting go with stationary precision

Air of Grace

Manifesting, quickening pace

Humble to a point of not knowing

Not even Being, seeing, feeling

No rationalization

Only Love

Tasting the Freedom

Of spiral dancing

Through the stratosphere

Particles of Holiness

Simplicity drawing near

Simple, perfect, compelling


Not harboring any negative emotion.

Letting go of all fear

For yours is a way of absolute perfection

Solitude standing

Urges of desire

Hear not the words of God?

Your Words………..

Perfection in human form

Simple, magnificence

Strive not for all is in grasp

Taste it, touch it, own it.

Tell the world of your journey

Let the notes of your Being be heard

For it’s a journey back to

and beyond Source

A journey of the Absolute.


Copyright 1/12/13  Pamela Hope



~ by Pamela Hope on August 30, 2013.

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