A Song For The Goddess

“A Song For The Goddess”

His words,

His song,

His spirit

took my breath away.

Humbled, in forgiveness.

Lilting essays to the moon.

Goddess of all she purveyed.

His song took my breath away.

Using words like daggers to the heart.

Ingenious melodies

He wove into tapestries

of the art, making love.

Cherished moments

dedicated to her throne,

Goddess AMuRa.

Sifting sands.

Wild tongues unleashed.

His songs became the beast

of his desire.

I love you, AMuRa,

Goddess of All That Is.

My land is yours.

My hand I give.

Take me.

Simple Island Dove,

let me show my love

upon awakening.

Copyright  6/1/2013 Pamela Hope


~ by Pamela Hope on August 12, 2013.

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